ICNA SoCal Conference

– On December 7th 2019
The Islamic Circle of North America held its annual conference in Southern California. The theme for this year’s conference was “Back to our Roots.” ICNA’s annual conference attracted a staggering 300 guests/attendees! A total number of 17 renowned speakers were invited to speak at this event including speakers such as: Wisam Shareef, Mustafa Umar and Kaiser Aslam. Each speaker was given between 25-35 minutes to speak about the main theme, “Back to our Roots.” A vast majority of the community was at this event and really enjoyed the speakers’ talks. This phenomenal event was upheld by over 50 volunteers that helped continuously throughout the event. The bazaar was busy with a total number of 15 booths from various vendors from the local SoCal area. Some of the vendors include: MSA West, Zakat Foundation, AQRA Travel, One Stop Halal, Salam Gallery etc. The conference wasn’t only just speaker sessions!

There were kid events/programs as well. MCNA (Muslim Children of North America) was providing daycare services and offered a ton of games and events for children. Children’ games included: Nasheeds, Painting and Watching movies! The children also had a special surprise visit from Baba Ali . Due to Covid 19 . 2020 Conference is canceled.