Islamic Learning Foundation.

What Is ILF ?

The Islamic Learning Foundation (ILF) aims to provide an accessible platform for people to acquire sound Islamic knowledge while improving their spiritual development.

What sets ILF apart ?

There are many institutions of Islamic education available to the Muslim community. Each institution brings their own unique methodology of religious instruction, thus fortifying the greater Muslim community through this rich diversity. ILF seeks to provide a holistic approach of Islamic personality-development through mentorship and didactics. We intend to build a movement of students of the Islamic sciences that have a strong foundation in the Islamic tradition and research methodology. It is this community of students and scholars–with relationships of mutual growth–that shall transcend theoretics to engage the ideological and spiritual ills of society. It is this fusion of knowledge and activism that inspires our entire project.

What has ILF done so far?

ILF has done many programs online and etc .